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oneRaven designs

Be seen and known.

Company Branding

Define a consistent, visual identity. Branding is much more than just a logo. Colors and fonts contribute to your overall theme that tells the world who you are and what you do.

Graphic Design & Marketing Material

Print or digital advertising, brochures, pamphlets, decals, or other promotional materials.

Website Design & Development

The ability to be creative makes me almost as happy as my morning coffee. Let me work with your developers (or alone!) to craft the digital face of your company.

I can not stress enough the importance of clean design when presenting your business to the world. Your message costs money, and you want the most bang for your buck, so why hide your product or service in a mess of colors, pictures, and text that do nothing but confuse?
The first thing I do with every website I visit and every brochure or advertisement I read is determine how long it takes to figure out what they are selling and why I should pay them. If its longer than 5-10 seconds, they failed, regardless of how fancy and slick the presentation is.
I make a point of keeping up with marketing trends and research because our world is not static, and your business needs to be able to adapt. I can help maximize every visit your site receives and every time your advertisement is read.
Your company may be a blank slate, needing an entire identity and online presence. It may just need an overhaul, because what you're doing currently just hasn't been working. You might just need some tweaks here or there, or a little graphics work. Shoot me an email, and let's talk about making the focus of your business what it should be- the focus.

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oneRaven writes

Bring your focus back to what you do best.

Engineering/Scientific Report Writing

The bread and butter that includes Design Reports, Studies, Executive Summaries, Letters, and a whole list of potential deliverables that will make you stand out to your clients and collegues.

Technical Writing & Copywriting

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Company Policy or Instruction Manuals, or advertising/website copy.

Editing & Proofreading

So you've written your own material, but you can't afford to make a mistake. Send it over, and I'll be happy to ensure your professionalism and make recommendations for revisions.

Above all else, my strongest asset is my ability to string words together in a cohesive and logical manner. It's why oneRaven exists, and why you should consider me to handle any of your writing chores.

Your clients are paying a pretty penny for shiny, high-level deliverables, and as much as you want to just "focus on the design", you have to budget a considerable amount of time to put that report together at the end. Hours of mostly unproductive time, staring at Word, wondering how to convey your data so the client understands completely and is thrilled with your result.
You could give the report-writing portion to one of your junior staff. Sure, their rate is less than yours, and that will save a teeny bit of your project budget, but how many of their hours are they diligently working on that report? Even if they were the most stellar employee in town, you hired them to engineer/design/etc. You didn't hire a professional writer, did you?
Consider their overhead costs when they are writing reports, letters, and proposals. Wouldn't your dollar be going just that much farther if your crew was doing what they do best?

who is oneRaven

Diversified experience produces versatility

I have almost two decades of experience not only in engineering, but also in real estate, business, and branding/graphics/web design. I also spent several years in the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst.
All of my background has required a great deal of writing- and writing well.

Background & Credentials

You need someone who understands your audience.

As you're reading a business website, you don't want to sort through paragraphs of complicated jargon. You want clarity and brevity. Like right now; none of this website copy requires sophisticated or technical language, equations, or analysis. However, the ABC Federal Regulatory Agency or your municipal client probably does, and you want to make the best impression.

You need someone who understands your field.

Having years of experience working for civil engineering consulting firms as a design engineer as well as possessing a solid understanding of geological engineering (including geology and mining) gives me a definite edge when making sure your project is understood right out the gate. You don’t have time to waste explaining basic principles to an inexperienced consultant.

Contact/Request Proposal

Get in touch.

I am available to work on-site in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, or Utah. Otherwise, I am available for video- or tele-conferencing using several different platforms.

Send me an email or call 307.271.1823


P.O. Box 125
Cody, WY
82414 US

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